Protective Equipment
Non Woven Doctor And Surgeon Cap

Non Woven Clip Cap And Mob Cap


1.Made of high qulity PP (10GSM) and with PU elastic.
2.Size:18"/ 19"/ 20"/ 21".Color: white/green/blue and so on.Packaging Details: 100pc/bag 2000pcs/ctn
3.Features: Eco-friendly, breathable,health, comfortable, non-irritant, economical

Applicant Reference 1.Application: hospital, medical/food/electronic/chemical/beauty industry, household.
2.Disposable non-woven clip cap/mob cap is produced by the clip cap making machine, made of low-gram weight non-woven fabric, it’s low cost, suitable for bulk use. It is mainly used for domestic and international electronic factories and food factories. Some countries also use it as medical protective cap.