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Horse Cohesive Bandage

Horse Cohesive Bandage

Product Introduction

Nonwoven Materials,Latex or Latex Free.Competitively priced,different color and printing pattern available.
Tear by hand easily,Good elasticity,Easy to remove, adheres to itself, non-sticky to hear or skin,hair or clothes, no pins or clips needed.
Keywords: Horse Cohesive Bandage, Equilastic Bandage, Horse Wrap Bandage.

Item No. Specification Rolls/Inner Box Rolls/Carton Carton Size
HB92308 5.0cm x 450cm 12 288 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm
HB92308 7.5cm x 450cm 12 192 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm
HB92308 10cm x 450cm 12 144 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm

Application Reference Horse Cohesive Bandage With Cotton Wool Rolls

When Bandage(peel strength stronger),together with Cotton Wool With Gauze,used for horse hoof care,it keeps blood circulation smoothly and wrapping not loose by itself.


Widely Used in dressings and protection, etc.for horse.
The most popular for horse hospitals and clinics, equestrian shops, and equine sports clubs.