The Lameness Scoring System

The scoring system focuses on six indicators of lameness – walking speed, walking rhythm, stride length & foot placement, weight bearing, back alignment and head position.Many of the early indicators of lameness are subtle and only seen with careful inspection of walking cows.

1. Walking speed. Cows should be able to keep up with the herd at a similar pace to a person. Reduced speed will be more easily noticed when cows are walking at their own pace back to the paddock.

2. Walking rhythm. Cows normally have a regular rhythm in all four legs and walk confidently with a fluid motion. If she becomes lame the rhythm will be interrupted and become uneven.

3.Stride length and Foot placement. When cows walk on an even surface and at their own pace, they’ll ‘track-up’. Cows with lameness scores of 1, 2 and 3 may have a shortened stride and their rear foot may fall short of the front foot placement.

4. Weight bearing. Cows with healthy feet, place and weight- bear evenly on all four legs while standing and walking. Lame cows will favour the lame leg. This leg will not fully weight-bear and the opposite leg will take more weight – the dew claws will sink closer to ground level.

5.Back. Non-lame cows tend to stand and walk with a straight back, whereas an arched back can indicate lameness.

6. Head. A cow will normally hold her head slightly below the back line. When she’s walking the head only moves a little. Lame cows may lower or bob their head.

The Lameness Scoring System
Lame cows take time, energy and skill to treat and are a financial cost that impacts on farm profits. Lame cows produce less milk, lose weight and take longer to cycle.Early treatment of Hoof Trimming is the key to rapid and complete recovery with minimal disturbance to the cow and her productivity.

So the dairy farmer or hoof trimmer could analysis and scoring as below:
Lameness Score 0 - Walks evenly. No action required.
Lameness Score 1 - Walks unevenly. Minor action required. Record and keep an eye on her - some cows normally walk unevenly.
Lameness Score 2 - Lame. Action required. This cow is lame and needs to be reported, drafted and examined within 48 hours.
Lameness Score 3 - Very lame. Urgent action required. This cow is very lame and needs urgent attention. Draft and examine as soon as possible within 24 hours. She may require a vet.

Based on the above situation in Lameness, Devoling could provide Hoof Disinfection Tank,Claw Wrap Bandage,Flap Disc Sander etc,farmer and trimmer could use them to enhance the efficiency of the treatment of hoof trimming and protect your dairy cattle healthy.