Protect Your Horse By Cohesive Bandage

During an active summer season, horses that are exposed to fly and mosquito bites and to wounds while out on the trail and leg, need protection of those skin and limb sites during the healing process.

Horse Cohesive Bandage,can help protect horse's skin and limb injuries and bites, not only from further injury, but also from a horse's tendency to bite and lick injured areas.

By preventing horses from bothering these problem areas, they'll have a chance to heal normally. They also help alleviate problems stemming from anxiety, boredom, or other behavioral issues. Horse Cohesive Adhesive Bandages may also help keep liniment on a strain.

About Horse Cohesive Bandages supplied by Devoling for equine:
1)Stops your horse from licking, biting, or chewing at sores, insect bites, or wraps,
2)Strip exterior is coated with cayenne, which horses hate,
3)A natural, convenient way to support healing of wounds.

Devoling Cohesive Bandages are so easy to use by simply peeling off the backing and placing over Gauze Swab or Cotton Wool With Gauze. The adhesive keeps the strip and bandage in place.

Currently Devoling are making the Horse Cohesive Bandage for 20 customers worldwide, some of them are the world-renowned names from Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, British, America, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and so on.

Adhesive Bandage