How Tight Is All Right With Wrapping In Hoof Trimming

We know that sometimes the purpose of a wrap is defeated because it’s too tight and actually harms the hoof. So we offer some tips on how to apply it properly so that producers can avoid this mistake.

1) Sarting in between the claws, keeping slight pressure with your thumb when applying the wrap. A few(2-3) turns will suffice.

2) Less wrap. If you use one roll of Claw Wrap Bandage for three feet, the wrap could become loose and maybe even fall off after a few days

How Tight Is All Right With Wrapping In Hoof Trimming
3)A practical tip: you should be able to get two fingers between the wrap and the skin. It’s important to have the wrap half on the skin and half on the hoof to reduce its tightness. When you get the tightness right, forgetting to remove the wrap shouldn’t be a problem because it’s loose enough. Besides, the Cast Padding 100% Polyester beneath prevents the wrap from getting too tight.

4) Sometimes you may have to go with a high adhesive wrap. For example, farmers may provide wraps exposed to too much moisture and those won’t stick. In such cases, the wrap will have to be tight and tied. If it’s too loose, it may come off within minutes of the cow leaving the chute.

So, we’ve done the trimming and applied the wrap. At this point, some dairy farmers start wondering when they can let the cow back into the footbaths.It would be best to resume footbaths as soon as the wraps come off. If producers set up the footbath on the day they cut off the wraps, the warts that haven’t yet fully healed will get a second hit before they have a chance to grow back too much.

Applying the wrap is just the start. Successful treatment requires monitoring.Recommends checking up after a week. This is how long it usually takes for digital dermatitis or interdigital infection to heal without antibiotic treatment. Although it seldom happens, the hoof may require another wrap for another week.

And farmers examine the foot when removing the wrap. If it looks like a re-wrap is in order, they should leave it be for a day and then re-apply the wrap, keeping it on for two days. Unfortunately, very few farmers look at the foot when they remove the wrap.