Horse Hoof and Lower Leg Care

Even under the most comfortable conditions in the horse club, the horse’s lower extremities are regularly exposed to dirt, debris, moisture and manure. Without a properly applied bandage, it could be difficult-if not impossible-to heal many types of foot and lower leg injuries. However the medical care of hoof or lower leg injury can be very labor intensive.

Caring for horse hoof or lower leg may be used to:

1) Protect wounds, cracks, abscesses or surgical sites from contamination or trauma
2) Apply medication to the solar or peripheral margins of the hoof or foot
3) Prevent or reduce swelling and edema
4) Immobilize injured tissues and/or reduce motion in the lower limb (leg)
5) Aid in the healing of wounds
6) Absorb fluids (exudates)
7) Provide immobilization and support for structures such as tendons, ligaments, and even bone as in cases of laminitis.

Apply Bandages And Wraps with care:

It is especially important to know the proper way to apply a hoof and/or lower leg bandage. The horse’s feet and legs depend on a steady and abundant supply of blood. Tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves are also vulnerable to damage from an inappropriately applied bandage, as there is minimal overlying tissue to protect them.

The bandage must be applied smoothly, evenly and with the right amount of tension so as not to interfere with circulation or put undue pressure on vital structures.

If you have never bandaged a horse’s foot or lower limb before, ask your veterinarian or an experienced equine professional to demonstrate the proper techniques. Practice under his or her supervision before doing it on your own. Because a bandage covering the lower leg and especially the hoof will require frequent changing, you will get plenty of practice.

Bandaging and Wrapping Materials:

Because of the bandage’s location and the stresses it will have to withstand, choose bandaging materials that:
- Readily conform to the shape of the hoof and lower leg
- Permit use of the foot/leg without slipping or loosening
- Adhere well to the hoof wall or leg
- Are extremely durable
- Are water resistant
- Are sterile (if in contact with a wound or surgical site)

The Supply List:

- Sterile, non-stick Gauze Swab or wound dressing
- Sheet cotton, Cotton Wool With Gauze, combine cotton, or disposable diapers.
- Stretch bandaging tape such as Horse Cohesive Bandage at least 3-4 inches wide
- Elastic bandaging tape such as Elastic Adhesive Bandage,made of 100% cotton elastic fabric

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Horse Hoof and Lower Leg Care