Dutch 5 Step Hoof Trimming for Dairy Cow

Step 1, Trim the toe to 7.5cm: Cut the medial hoof wall to a length of 7.5cm at the toe. Cut at right angles to the sole so the cut is square across the toe. Then cut the horn of the sole so the cut edge of the toe is 7mm in depth.

The white line should appear as a ring around the edge of the toe. For hind feet trim the inner claw first, for front feet trim the outer claw first.

Use the knife handle to ensure the sole surface is flat. If the sole begins to look pink it is getting too thin, press on the sole with your knife handle to assess the thickness of the sole.

Step 2, Match untrimmed claw to the trimmed one:Use the medial claw as an outline to trim the lateral claw to the correct length and depth.

Step 3, Dish out soles:Hollow out the non weightbearing surface between the white line and the heels on both claws.

Step 4, Investigate any problems on the sole:Look for heat, swelling or redness. The cow may flinch when pressure is applied to a sore area.

Step 5, Trim the heels if necessary. Be careful as the heels are sensitive. Do not be too aggressive: remove any loose tags of horn; reshape the heel; reduce any deep furrows. Rasp the edges of the claws to prevent trauma to the cows teats or legs.

Based on the method of Dutch 5 Step, Devoling could provide Hoof Care and Hoof Trimming Products, when trimmer use them for dairy cattle.

For more information: Please check the Lameness Control in Dairy Herds Part 1 - Practical Foot Trimming (Dutch 5 Step Method)

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